Portal Infosys was established in 2001, with the objective of providing cost-effective solutions in the areas of Networking, Network Security, Storage & Computing Solutions and IT Services. With the growing and ever increasing demands in the IT Infrastructure and automation solutions, Portal Infosys is also fully geared to provide you solutions in Office Automation, Home Automation, Web Designing &  Development and Graphic Designing.

The foundation of any successful business lies in its trusted and stable infrastructure connected by a reliable network. It is vital to know that a problem exists before it impacts critical business      applications. Accurate infrastructure management ensures that all components required to deliver quality service to users are under control and performing at optimal levels. When it is not your core business, should you pay more than the absolute minimum necessary to have an effective IT infrastructure functioning in your business? As your organization’s IT infrastructure grows, you need a partner that will help you with all aspects of its evolution.

A rock solid study of customers’ IT & Business requirements Cost-Effectiveness, Quality of Solution and Service Delivery Efficient and practical approach to solving complex technical problems In-depth understanding of multi-vendor products and solutions Proven expertise in designing, implementing & maintaining large, mission-critical networks Simplified deployment and management of IT solutions Strategic relationship with best-of-the-breed and world class vendors.